Let’s get in touch

Well hello there, veggie lover! If you’d like to make an order leave a voicemail at (419)-738-3991. The farmer is outside picking your vegetables fresh so just leave a message! You can also send a message with the form down below. Either way, we be in touch shortly!

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“We have bought our produce from here Just had lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers and some absolutely delicious corn on the cob. ALL picked this morning. It is great to know where your food comes from. Thanks Hilltop Harvest Farm.– Malcom Childers

“We have bought our produce from here for years….❤️-Scherry Prossers

“They have great produce at good prices and they are very nice people!” – Eddie Opperman

“Just driving by you can’t tell how much produce is there. We were so surprised that the vegetables were most all in coolers to keep them fresh. They have a LOT OF VARIETY. We will stop there again!” -Pam Tate